HyperFlux U1 Spectrometer

The HyperFlux U1 spectrometer with Andor iDUS system offers high-performance measurements with factory-configurable bandpass, resolution, and throughput NIR options. For Raman spectroscopy, U1 can offer Stokes and anti-Stokes coverage for typical laser excitation wavelengths (633, 785, and others) with spectral resolution up to 4.9 cm-1. With an assortment of detector options, the HyperFlux U1 delivers high-performance with versatile configurations to meet your application requirements.

The HyperFlux U1 Advantages

  • 4.9 cm-1 spectral resolution with no slit
  • Configurable across NIR
  • Detects weak signals quickly
  • No moving parts

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Acetonitrile spectrum using HyperFlux U1

Example Configuration

Spectroscopic Performance
Spectral Range 749 – 1024 nm (-610 to 2970 cm-1 from a 785 nm laser)
Spectral Resolution R = 2490 (0.36 nm FWHM, 4.9 cm-1), dispersion = 0.138 nm/pix
Detector Specifications
Typical SNR >540
Detector Andor iDUS DU416A-LCD-DD, Back Illuminated Low Dark Current Deep Depletion Spectroscopy Camera
Pixel Size 15 μm x 15 μm
Cooling TE cooling to -80°C (air cooled), -95°C (liquid cooled)
Detector Length 2000 x 256 pixels (30.0 x 3.8 mm)