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The HyperFlux™ P.R.O. Plus delivers an order of magnitude over conventional spectrometer designs

Tornado Spectral Systems Inc., an instrument designer that delivers rapid, real-time discrimination across a wide range of chemical analysis and process control applications, announced their latest product launch – the HyperFlux™ P.R.O. Plus: Process Raman Online. A suite of Tornado’s products will be showcased at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany Hall 4.2 – Stand P56.

“The June 2015 general release of our flagship Raman process spectrometer – HyperFlux™ P.R.O. Plus – is a convergence of engineering and technological innovation that is an order of magnitude improvement over the de facto standards in the industry,” said Edward Albe, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships of Tornado.

Tornado’s new HyperFlux™ P.R.O. Plus redefines what is possible with process measurements using the power of Raman spectroscopy. The newly re-designed High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS™) enhances the spectral throughput by an order of magnitude over conventional designs providing superior photon management. This permits process measurements to be done faster, with better sensitivity and allows preservation of samples with the use of lower laser powers where required. The HyperFlux™ P.R.O. Plus satisfies ATEX requirements where the highest sensitivity is essential.

“Raman spectroscopy has incredible potential for addressing a wide range of process control applications, but many are simply impractical or unattainable with conventional instruments. Tornado is focused on using the HTVS™ concept in a range of products to deliver the performance required to unlock these applications for the first time,” according to Dr. Brad Schmidt, CEO of Tornado.

The HyperFlux™ P.R.O. Plus is designed for real time, remote and unattended operations; reducing material waste, optimizing sampling efficiencies & reducing QA/QC costs.