S4 Hyperspectral Imager VIS

S4 hyperspectral imager

Tornado’s virtual slit (HTVS) technology powers the S4 hyperspectral imaging system to rapidly measure and analyze the spectral composition within its field of view. The S4 can achieve the same spectral resolution as a traditional imaging spectrometer while using a wider slit, or can reach higher resolutions with the same slit width. This allows the slit to be widened with a longer focal length to collect more light with the same spatial resolution. Decoupling spectral resolution and light throughput minimizes design compromise.

The S4 Hyperspectral Advantages

  • Full visible bandpass of 380-860 nm
  • HTVS technology permits 0.5 nm spectral resolution (FWHM) with 100 μm slit width for unmatched throughput/resolution combination
  • Spatial information along slit axis is preserved by HTVS optics for traditional push-broom style hyperspectral scanning
  • Technology demonstration prototype serves as starting point for application-specific designs

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Hyperspectral scan data using S4

Optical Performance
Bandpass 380-860 nm
Spectral Resolution 0.8 nm with 200 μm slit, 0.5 nm with 100 μm slit
Spectral Dispersion 32 nm/mm
Detector Specifications
Detector QSI 540i CCD camera
Array Size 2048 x 2048 px
Imaging Performance
Input Optics 85 mm focal length, f/5 beam
Spatial Resolution 50% MTF contrast at 17 lp/mm