HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman Spectroscopy System

Tornado’s HyperFlux PRO Plus is a complete Raman spectroscopy system including a proprietary HTVS-enabled spectrometer, a high-quality stabilized laser, multiple laser safety interlocks, temperature monitoring and dynamic re-calibration, and automated system health monitoring and fault detection. This powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use instrument is contained in a small, lightweight, cost-effective package which is readily deployed in both in-line process and laboratory settings.

Higher Raman Sensitivity Than Ever Before Possible

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique but Raman systems have traditionally been limited by a lack of sensitivity due to the input slit trade-­off between resolution and throughput. What’s unique about our technology is that the HyperFlux PRO Plus uses a proprietary HTVS-­enabled spectrometer to deliver better Raman sensitivity than ever before possible, designed to provide users with faster measurements (10x to 30x) for better process responsivity, better sensitivity for lower detection limits, and permitting reduction of the laser power without sacrificing performance. When compared to other systems, our spectrometers are designed to provide 10X photon throughput.

The superior performance of Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectroscopy system allows for:

  • More accurate identification and quantitation (even with challenging mixtures and low concentrations)
  • Faster measurements of dynamic reactions
  • Lower laser power operation (especially in hazardous environments)

Combined with their small size and low cost, Tornado’s non­-destructive, real­-time measurement solutions offer numerous benefits for established analytical practice and facilitate broader adoption of Raman methods for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, biotech, and other applications.

For pricing details, further information or to find out how the PRO Plus can assist you with your application, simply contact a member of our sales team at sales@tornado-spectral.com 




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HyperFlux PRO Plus Specifications:



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