Tornado’s high-performance HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman Spectroscopy System includes a set of modular software packages designed to deliver efficient, flexible, and safe operation with an industry leading user-friendly interface. Each module integrates with the operating software on a single platform and allows fast and accurate results!

In a busy industrial setting, there should be no need to open multiple programs to adjust basic parameters such as laser power, exposure time, number of repeats, etc. Tornado's design has all parameters available on one interface - complete with real-time graphical spectrum display.

Key Features

  • Complete system calibration (x and y-axis)
  • Real-time data display
    • Data acquisition configuration tool
    • Exposure setting & sample averaging
  • Measurement interval / duration
  • Laser control – remote access via Modbus TCP
  • Data export of single or multiple spectra per file (to SPC or CSV file formats)
  • Auto exposure, auto dark scan subtraction and cosmic ray filtering
  • Linearized spectral files
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