Strategic Growth Round to Accelerate Global Expansion of Process Analyzers and Spectrometers-On-Chip

Tornado Spectral Systems Inc., an emerging tech company developing radically superior tools for measuring the chemical composition and structure of materials in real-time for a variety of demanding industrial processes, announced additional funding led by venture capital firms BeauVest and Roadmap Capital. The new investments will be used to finance Tornado’s continued growth in North America and globally.

With proprietary optical and nanophotonic technologies that overcome the limitations of conventional spectroscopy-based analyzers, Tornado Spectral Systems has developed a new class of instruments that can acquire chemical signatures of interrogated samples with the speed and accuracy required to perform many quality and safety measurements directly on the production line instead of using time consuming laboratory or off-line measurements. Tornado’s introductory product, the HyperFlux™ PRO family of Raman analyzers, dramatically advances the ability to monitor key process parameters in areas such as petrochemical, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical production. Benefits to the user include reduced material waste, optimized sampling efficiencies, and reduced costs in QA/QC.

“Our new investors share our vision of the emerging paradigm where manufacturing can finally achieve real-time process monitoring of changing chemical and structure properties of materials,” according to Dr. Brad Schmidt, CEO of Tornado. “We’re delighted that BeauVest and Roadmap Capital recognized that Tornado’s strong IP portfolio and expertise in developing radically superior optical spectroscopy-based sensors will be a key enabler in emerging smart monitoring solutions. Tornado’s technologies enable intelligent insights and analytics by delivering a dramatic increase in the volume, range and quality of data about customers’ production processes.”

“The team at Tornado has made remarkable progress in delivering on a technology vision since Tornado’s launch, and we are excited to have the opportunity to make an investment in a company that is poised to alter the landscape in process analysis and nanophotonics,” said Ambrish Jaiswal, Managing Director at BeauVest Canada Inc.

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