Tornado Spectral Systems is a leading manufacturer of chemical analysis and measurement systems using Raman spectroscopy. Tornado’s proprietary techniques include the HTVS design which eliminates spectrometer slit losses while maintaining high spectral resolution.

Tornado’s HyperFlux PRO Plus is the first Raman spectroscopy system with enough speed and sensitivity to be broadly deployed for real-time process monitoring, control, and optimization. HyperFlux PRO Plus includes a proprietary HTVS-enabled spectrometer with an order of magnitude improvement in optical throughput, a high-quality stabilized laser, and numerous features to ensure safety and stability. This powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use instrument is a perfect solution for both process and laboratory settings.

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Tornado’s HyperFlux Raman spectrometers achieve an order of magnitude improvement in performance by using our proprietary high throughput virtual slit (HTVS) technology to eliminate the conventional spectrometer input slit and the corresponding optical losses while maintaining high spectral resolution. With the best possible combinations of signal strength and spectral resolution, HyperFlux spectrometers are ideal for a broad range of spectroscopy applications.

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Turbo Charged Spectroscopy

1-2 orders of magnitude faster than conventional systems to optimize your processes in real-time.

Robust & Reliable

Our small footprint means flexibility and ease of transport (when required). Our rugged design with no moving parts means reliability, durability, low maintenance and low cost of ownership.

Clean & Simple

Eliminate the costs associated with destructive testing.

Sample Flexibility

Probes for most sampling situations whether you have liquids, solids or gases. We even have probes for high pressure and high temperature processes.

Molecular Precision

Our high performance Raman device allows detection of subtle changes to make sure your process remains in control.

Extraordinary Sensitivity

Tornado’s patented innovations allow unparalleled speed of analysis and limits of detection for on-line Raman.

The HyperFlux is a spectrometer design
re-envisioned from the ground up.

Our Patented Virtual Slit Technology (HTVS) – delivers Sensitivity and Resolution together, not just one or the other

A design that transmits more light and uses smaller optics – better performance than a huge lab instrument but in a tiny footprint

Superior Stability (elegantly simple & robust design, with wavelength stabilized laser and built in self calibration)

Non Invasive, Non Destructive & No Sample Preparation Required

Data formats compatible with all major chemometrics software packages

Probes for most applications

10-100 x faster than competing Raman analyzers

Optical fiber coupling permits remote sampling  over long distances

Detailed analysis of complex mixtures in Real Time

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IQ, OQ, and PQ – The 3 Q’s of Analytical Instrumentation Compliance

IQ, OQ, and PQ – The 3 Q’s of Analytical Instrumentation Compliance

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The analytical instrumentation space is a key part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Raman spectroscopy is becoming one of the increasingly popular PAT tools among the analytical instrumentation that have been deployed recently. To maintain compliance, equipment reliability and durability are essential. Investing in a quality assurance system is indispensable.

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Cleaning and Maintenance for Avoiding Signal Loss

Cleaning and Maintenance for Avoiding Signal Loss

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A small amount of dirt or damage on the surface of an optical fibre can cause a surprisingly large drop in signal throughput; signal loss of up to 80% is not uncommon. In a Raman spectroscopy system, such as Tornado Spectral System’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus, this loss of fibre throughput will result in a significant drop in system performance due to less laser light exciting the sample and/or less light from the sample returning to the spectrometer.

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