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Tornado, a Bruker Company has your Chemical Analysis & Measurement Solutions.

Measurements You Can Trust

Tornado – A Bruker Company (Tornado) is the global provider of chemical analysis & measurement systems for Raman spectroscopy. Our Raman spectrometers utilize proprietary optical technology for maximum measurement performance, making them perfect solutions for process, manufacturing, and laboratory Raman applications.

Tornado’s High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS™) technology provides unequivocal photon power to tackle the most difficult Raman measurements and overcome these challenges, thus enabling greater customer success. Tornado’s Raman analyzers with revolutionary spectrometer technology including HyperFlux™ PRO PlusPGR™ and the SuperFlux deliver significantly enhanced photon collection power. HTVS™ eliminates the physical slit of a conventional spectrometer and avoids signal losses while maintaining high spectral resolution, allowing for faster measurements and lower detection limits. The superior performance of Tornado Raman spectrometer systems allows for more accurate chemical identification, and quantitation even with challenging mixtures and low concentrations, faster measurements of dynamic reactions, and low laser power operation in hazardous environments.

Tornado’s non-destructive, real-time measurement solutions offer numerous benefits for established analytical practice and facilitate the broader application of Raman methods for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, biotech, and other applications.

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Industries that Benefit from Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is a highly selective and non-destructive optical spectroscopy technique which relies on the inelastic scattering of laser light to probe molecular structure. The non-destructive nature of Raman measurements along with the molecular specificity of the spectra make it an optimal technique to monitor manufacturing processes in real time. The use of Raman can facilitate process understanding and allow effective process control, thus helping minimize production errors.

Raman spectrometers have traditionally been limited by a lack of sensitivity due to the input slit trade-off between resolution and throughput. What’s unique about our technology is that the Tornado Raman Spectrometers use a proprietary HTVS™­ enabled spectrometer to deliver better Raman sensitivity than ever before possible, designed to provide users with faster measurements (10x to 30x) for better process responsivity, better sensitivity for lower detection limits, and permitting reduction of the laser power without sacrificing performance. When compared to other systems, our spectrometers are designed to provide 10X photon throughput.

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Food and Beverage Process Control

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Plastics and Polymers

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Latest Tornado News

4 January 2024

Tornado is acquired by Bruker to Expand Its Biopharma Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Product Portfolio

MISSISSAUGA, Canada – January 4, 2024 – Bruker today announced the acquisition of TornadoSpectral Systems Inc. ( , a Canadian company specializing in process Raman instruments, primarily used in pharma…
14 October 2023

Celebrating Innovation

Celebrating Innovation! ? Tornado's Chief Technology Officer,  Bradford Behr recently made it to the Photonics100 list. The Photonics100 by Electro-Optics is a celebration of the brightest minds and innovators in the world…
25 October 2022

Workshop in Boston: From Nucleation to Screening and Process Development

Workshop in Boston: From Nucleation to Screening and Process Development Technobis Crystallization Systems, a world leading technology provider for solid-state research, process development and formulation, alongside Tornado, a Bruker Company,…

“The Tornado HyperFlux PROPlus was the only analyzer capable of gathering process data at our required rate of 5 – 10 spectra per second.”

Angela SpangenbergSenior Research Scientist, DisperSol Technologies

“We have been working with Tornado for over three years now. A superb Raman instrument supported by knowledgeable, helpful, friendly people”

John AndrewsClairet Scientific

“For our customers, we’re always looking for the best solution available on the market. With respect to using Raman as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT), we found this solution at Tornado, a Bruker Company! ”

SebastianAnalyticon Instruments GMBH