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Reaction Monitoring: Development

Raman has been used to characterize chemical reactions for many years. The key benefit of Raman when applied to most processes is process understanding, and this is especially true when it is used for insights into chemical reaction processes. This is an area where the specificity of Raman is extraordinarily valuable. Molecular information is crucial to understanding the dynamics of a chemical reaction. The Process Guardian™ and the HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectrometer, with their high-performance capabilities, take real-time process monitoring of chemical reactions to a new level in terms of speed and sensitivity. In the process development lab, Tornado’s performance enables accurate characterization of reaction kinetics as well as reaction condition optimization. It also facilitates characterization of side reactions, identification of reaction intermediates, characterization of catalysts and identification of reaction endpoints. This allows for development and implementation of optimal process settings with maximum process understanding for better control. The better a reaction is understood, the better it can be controlled. The better it can be controlled, the better that commercial considerations can be optimized and that safety issues can be minimized. See Tornado’s Application Note for reaction monitoring to learn more.

Reaction Monitoring: Chemical Production

In the realm of production, Tornado’s Process Guardian™ and HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectroscopy based analyzers provide fast and accurate monitoring tools to confirm reaction quality, detect undesirable excursions and optimize reaction timing and control. For batch processes, Tornado instrumentation facilitates optimal yield and turnover. For continuous processes, Tornado Raman on-line analysis allows for optimal process quality allowing timely adjustments and maximizing yield. Tornado’s communication tools permit data critical data communication through ModBus, OPC UA and 4 – 20 mA protocols. When utilized fully, these data can allow on-the-fly process corrections through full loop feedback control.

Biocatalysis and Enzymatic Catalysis

The growth in the use of industrial biological processes in the past few years has been impressive. The advantages of Raman spectroscopy as a tool for process understanding and optimization, as well as routine monitoring, can be applied equally to reactions involving biocatalysis and enzymatic catalysis. Processes involving materials important to food, fragrances, fine chemicals and polymers use biocatalytic means. Tornado Raman tools can be especially useful in these types of processes which can sometimes demand higher sensitivity to achieve best-case understanding. Tornado’s Raman spectroscopy based analyzers can allow high sensitivity measurements in real time to facilitate valuable insights into the dynamic intricacies of these reactions.

Flow Chemistry

Analytical monitors for flow chemistry processes can provide precise, accurate, and timely measurements to ensure that products or excipients are properly quantified and are being produced with maximum efficiency. However, many spectroscopic tools are limited to bulk analysis and are a bottleneck in many applications. Tornado’s Process Guardian™ and HyperFlux™ PRO Plus puts Raman into the forefront of monitoring and controlling these highly dynamic processes. The sensitivity and speed TSS Raman offer makes it a remarkable tool to control and monitor these processes for maximum yield and efficiency. The results in our app note are striking in their demonstration of a model developed in-line in a flowing stream yielding low detection limits (<15 ppm). Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus is the ideal continuous process Raman spectroscopy based analyzer that delivers unprecedented measurement precision and actionable data for applications that demand specificity and high sensitivity.

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“The Tornado HyperFlux PROPlus has gathered thousands of reproducible spectra since we acquired it in mid-2019 without requiring a single repair.”

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