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PEAXACT Software

– Full integration with Tornado’s Analyzers
– Quantitative multivariate analysis
– Real-Time Analysis

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PEAXACT is the industry standard chemometrics software for the quantitative analysis of lab or process spectra. PEAXACT provides everything from data pre-treatment to multivariate calibration as well as exclusive Hard Modeling methods such as Indirect Hard Modeling (IHM). PEAEXACT offers real-time chart for displaying results and for easy monitoring of trends.

Tornado’s Raman analyzer equips your PAT staff with the world’s most sensitive instrumentation contained in a small, lightweight, cost-effective package which can be readily deployed in both in-line process and laboratory settings. The combination of hard modeling and high-performance Raman instrumentation yields unequaled measurement results for process and laboratory applications.

“The Tornado HyperFlux PROPlus was the only analyzer capable of gathering process data at our required rate of 5 – 10 spectra per second.”

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– Angela Spangenberg, Senior Research Scientist, DisperSol Technologies