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Crystallization is a process used in small molecule pharmaceutical production to purify a product and ensure that the form of the drug is correct. Since the polymorph of the substance can affect the biological performance of the molecule, it is imperative to have process understanding and control during crystallization to ensure optimal drug yield and performance. By coupling a Raman spectrometer from Tornado, you can monitor and quantify your crystallization process in real time, ensuring both economic yields and overall patient safety. Request the document to learn how the Crystalline was interfaced to a Tornado Hyperflux™ PRO Plus Raman spectrometer equipped with a Hudson™ Probe adapted to the Crystalline sampling port.

Solid Dose Manufacturing

Solid dose manufacturing is still the most used pharmaceutical manufacturing process in the world. This process produces all forms of small molecule drug products.

The benefit of High Throughput Raman Spectroscopy from Tornado is real time monitoring of critical quality attributes and residence time distribution. This will not only allow better process understanding, but better modeling and understanding of residence time distribution. Tornado’s instruments can also be multiplexed up to eight channels, which allows monitoring of up to eight different points along your process or eight individual processes.

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