Oil and Gas

Start optimizing your Oil & Gas production in real-time

Raman instrumentation has a long history in downstream oil and gas production (i.e., refining). The HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectrometer is a powerful, robust, and easy to use process with applications throughout the entire oil and gas production sector, be it upstream or downstream. The PRO Plus can help plug the gaps in analysis that a refinery has, bringing in-line and real-time measurement control to those applications that Raman or other techniques cannot effectively analyze.

Two workers in hard hats walking past oil refinery pipes

Tornado Spectral Systems offers faster, non-destructive measurements of everything from olefins to aromatics, allowing you to control, predict, and optimize solutions for monitoring in the oil and gas sector. With Tornado’s HTVS™ technology, you can monitor the composition of your process streams to enable rapid, accurate and non-destructive online measurements.

Example applications for the HyperFlux™  PRO Plus in monitoring downstream oil & gas production and refining include:

  • Olefin monitoring
  • Aromatics monitoring
  • Control fractionation processes
  • Alcohol and ether additives (gasoline blending)

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