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Acknowledged Leader of Fast, High-precision Chemical Analysis

Tornado’s suite of chemical analysis & measurement solutions have been designed for process, manufacturing, and laboratory Raman spectroscopy applications. We provide the right high-performance instruments to meet your requirements and provide you with measurements you can trust.

Raman Spectrometers

Process Guardian Raman™ Analyzer

The Process Guardian™ is a new Raman spectrometer from Tornado. In addition to superior measurement performance, this next generation HTVS™-enabled analyzer embodies all critical requirements for straightforward deployment into a process environment.

HyperFlux™ Raman Analyzer

Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus is a complete Raman spectroscopy system including a proprietary HTVS™ -enabled spectrometer which is readily deployed in in-line process, manufacturing, and laboratory settings. The PRO Plus is compatible with a broad range of probes, chemometric software packages, and hazardous environment configurations.

SuperFlux™ Raman Analyzer

Tornado’s SuperFlux™ (SFx) lab-scale analyzer is the ideal Raman spectrometer for lab-scale applications and for those who require lower spectral resolutions. The SFx is built on the same platform as our most robust and powerful analyzers, with HTVS™ technology, for which Tornado analyzers are known for.

Probes and Fibers

Hudson™ 785 Non-Contact Raman Probe

For ultimate versatility, speed, and sensitivity, Tornado’s Hudson™ 785 non-contact Raman probes feature a high-performance optical interface which enables even the most demanding process or lab applications. Its rugged and robust construction allows for superior representative sampling and measurement reproducibility for a wide range of applications including solids, slurries, powders, and heterogeneous mixtures.

Hudson™ Bioreactor Raman Immersion Probe

Tornado’s Hudson™ Bioreactor Raman Immersion Probe capitalizes on the power of Raman in bioprocess manufacturing by measuring multiple, specific components in real-time for continuous, around-the-clock process feedback.

RamanBioConnect™ Raman Probe

Tornado’s RamanBioConnect™ Raman Probe (formerly known as Spectroport™) is a high-performance sampling device intended for Raman in-line process monitoring of liquid samples in a Sartorius Ambr™ or Biostat STR® system.


We classify our optical fibers into two categories, Lab Grade and Process Grade.  Both fibers are ultra low OH fiber with black PVC monocoil outer tubing.  Our Lab Grade Fiber Bundle is made for use with the HyperFlux™ PRO Plus and we stock a choice of 2m or 5m lengths, custom lengths are also available with loner lead time.  The fibers have a standard FC/PC connector with ceramic ferrules at both ends.

Custom Probe

Continuing with the success of our Bioreactor Immersion Probe “tube in tube” design, we offer custom probes for all industries and applications.  There is an assortment of available options in diameter, length, and material (such as Hastelloy, and titanium) depending upon your application requirements.



– Monitoring of up to four or eight cultures in parallel within the same Tornado’s Raman Analyzer
– Integrated demodulating and multiplexing functions
– Supporting to multiplex one program to all outputs


PEAXACT Software

PEAXACT is the industry standard chemometrics software for the quantitative analysis of lab or process spectra. PEAXACT provides everything from data pre-treatment to multivariate calibration as well as exclusive Hard Modeling methods such as Indirect Hard Modeling (IHM). PEAXACT offers real-time chart for displaying results and for easy monitoring of trends.

SpectralSoft™ Software

Maintaining data integrity and operational security is paramount for regulated industries. SpectralSoft™ empowers the user and provides many options for the most demanding process Raman applications.

SIMCA®17 Software

Tornado’s SpectralSoft™ now features an embedded prediction engine supporting the widely used SIMCA® .USP calibration model format, offering users stand-alone operation for continuous manufacturing. The latest version of SIMCA® Multivariate Data Analysis software – SIMCA 17 – embraces the growing importance of spectroscopy in pharmaceutical quality control by integrating spectral analysis and process modeling in one efficient solution that puts data-driven decision making at your fingertips.


OPIS 35™ ATEX Laser Accessory

Tornado’s OPIS 35™ is a high-performance, compact, lightweight, and durable laser safety accessory for the HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman analyzer. The unique design enables simple attachment to the PRO Plus allowing high accuracy measurements even at low laser power settings and ensures full compliance for an ATEX Zone 0 explosive environment.

Raman Sample Chamber

The Raman Sample Chamber is designed for our Hudson™ NCO or Hudson™ Immersion BioProbe, and other ½” (12mm) immersion probes. It accommodates vials, cuvettes, beakers and various other sample presentation modes and can be used for solid or liquid samples. It prevents laser light from escaping sample zone and prevents room light from entering sample zone.  The dimensions are H 9.9” x W  5.4” x D 6.8”.

Polystyrene Calibration Tool

Compatible with both Raman Analyzers.

Raman Calibration Kit

Compatible with both Tornado Raman spectrometers and Multiplexer.

“For our customers, we’re always looking for the best solution available on the market. With respect to using Raman as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT), we found this solution at Tornado, a Bruker Company! ”

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