Food & Beverage Process Control

Real-Time process analysis for your food and beverage manufacturing

Over the past decade, Raman spectroscopy has seen a dramatic increase with food and beverage control. Raman analysis is a highly reliable technique and can be applied to food composition detection, food authenticity detection, pesticide residue detection, food additives and toxin detection.

Tornado Spectral Systems offers faster, non-destructive measurements of everything from oils to protein analysis, allowing you to control, predict, and optimize solutions for monitoring and quality control in industrial food processing. After assessing your current situation, our application scientists will implement the solution within a quick turnaround period and provide you with a detailed report.

Two workers wearing PPEs, inspecting food and beverage equipment in lab


  • Measurements of fat/oil composition
  • Analysis of alcohol content
  • Sugar content with speciation
  • Structural characterization of grains, crops, etc.
  • Quantitative analysis

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