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Automated Bioreactor System Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250

- Full integration with Sartorius Ambr® and STR® platforms
- Supports QbD high-throughput process development

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Tornado’s Raman Analyzers have been developed with compatibility to a wide range of automated bioreactor systems for cell culture process development and optimization. For example, via the integration to the Sartorius Ambr® systems, or via automated transfer of bioreactor sample data, Tornado Raman Analyzers can return sensitive, accurate analytical results in real-time. Tornado’s Raman Analyzers (HyperFlux PRO Plus and PGR) with the RamanBioConnect™ probe measure key process parameters and critical metabolites (i.e., glucose, glutamate, lactate, and others), making it the ideal solution for monitoring bioprocesses and cell cultures.

  • Tornado Raman Analyzers’ integration with Ambr® enables maximum performance and reproducibility with easier, faster, simpler, and quick sampling.
  • Both HyperFlux™ PRO Plus and PGRTM are fully integrated with Sartorius Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250 high throughput systems which supports QbD
  • Direct path to manufacturing with BioPAT® Spectro and Flexsafe® STR single-use bags
  • Non-contact sampling, same probe used for both cases
  • HyperFlux™ PRO Plus can monitor up to 8 separate STR reactors
  • Tornado Raman Analyzers provides a scalable approach and a more efficient transfer to Biostat STR® for single-use manufacturing.

In this study, an in-line flow cell for Raman spectroscopy using Tornado’s system is included in the cell-free harvest stream of a perfusion process. Quantitative models for glucose and lactate were generated based on five cultivations originating from varying bioreactor scales. After successfully validating the glucose model, it was employed for full-loop control of an external glucose feed in cultivation with a glucose-free perfusion medium. The generated model was successfully applied to perform process control at 4 g/L and 1.5 g/L glucose over several days, respectively, with variability of ±0.4 g/L. The results demonstrate the high potential of Raman spectroscopy for advanced process monitoring and control of a perfusion process with a bioreactor and scale-independent measurement method.

“The Tornado HyperFlux PROPlus was the only analyzer capable of gathering process data at our required rate of 5 – 10 spectra per second.”

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– Angela Spangenberg, Senior Research Scientist, DisperSol Technologies