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Monitoring Extraction Efficiency of CBD from Cannabis

There are two major means of CBD extraction from cannabis. Alcohol extraction is more economical while supercritical CO2 (SC-CO2) extraction is more efficient. At Tornado, we have proven that HTVS™-enabled High-Throughput Raman can add value to both types of processes. In two separate publications, we describe how Tornado’s Raman Spectrometer can be used for real-time quantification of CBD in both types of extraction processes. For the process involving alcohol extraction, a direct monitoring scheme is easily accomplished. The process involving SC-CO2 was successfully monitored in real time with detection through a site glass mounted in the extractor. As cannabis is composed of hundreds of different compounds, the ability of Tornado’s Raman spectrometer to provide selective molecular information is extremely valuable and makes it uniquely suited for this sort of task. That is because critical materials can be speciated and quantified in real-time. With the 10x signal advantage of HTVS™, Tornado can offer Raman spectroscopy based process analyzer systems with best-in-market sensitivity and specificity

Monitoring of Phyto-cannabinoid Extraction

Cannabis sativa is a unique and valuable plant, particularly due to its ability to produce Phyto-cannabinoids. The best known of this group of compounds are cannabidiol (CBD) and ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (∆9-THC). The commercial significance of Phyto-cannabinoids has increased dramatically in recent years due to the evolution of the legal status of these materials.

The work shown in this note will demonstrate that Tornado Raman spectrometers can add value to the extraction steps used in phytocannabinoid processing. The data presented in this report show that Raman analysis using the Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman Analyzer can be used to quantitatively analyze CBD at low concentrations (1000 to 5500 ppm).

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“The Tornado HyperFlux PROPlus has gathered thousands of reproducible spectra since we acquired it in mid-2019 without requiring a single repair.”

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