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Caffeine Concentration

Analytical monitors for flow chemistry processes can provide precise, accurate, and timely measurements to ensure that products or excipients are properly quantified and are being produced with maximum efficiency. However, current spectroscopic tools are limited to bulk analysis and are a bottleneck in many applications. Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus puts Raman into the forefront of monitoring and controlling these highly dynamic processes.

The results in this app note are striking in their demonstration of a model developed in-line yielding low detection limits, <15 ppm. Combined with SpectralSoft™ 3.0, Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus is the ideal continuous process Raman analyzer that delivers unprecedented measurement precision and actionable data for applications that demand specificity, high sensitivity.

Milk and Dairy Products Analysis

Raman analyzers have proven to be a useful tool for the analysis of milk and dairy products. Milk products, being consumable food stuffs, are subject to rigorous regulation throughout the world both economically and nutritionally and require adherence to quality standards for production, industrialization, and commercialization. Raman Spectroscopy has been investigated as a method to analyze and quantify several key attributes.

Recent work with Tornado Raman analyzer has been able to quantify fat and protein concentration, thus being able to identify skim milk from whole milk and 2%. Raman spectroscopy has also been used to successfully determine proper pasteurization, classify adulterants, and even determine the animal species from where the milk was produced. Analyses can also be performed for a purpose of rapid assessment of lactose content in bovine milk, lactose-free milk, mixtures of bovine milk and lactose-free milk, and bovine milk with additions of lactose. With Tornado Process Raman analyzers , milk production analysis can be employed in-line in a sterile manner that requires no grab samples and offline analysis.

Nitrogen Content and Agrichemicals

One of the most prolific uses of Raman has been to analyze nitrogen content specific to products containing chemicals such as urea, ammonium or nitrates. These analytes are all quite Raman active and are, thus, all excellent target molecules for analyses of this type. By utilizing Raman technology, both researchers and commercial entities have been able to quantify nitrogen in materials critical to agricultural needs. With a wide range of uses and our patented HTVS technology, our Tornado’s Raman spectrometers can increase process understanding and be used for process control and monitoring for a wide range of agricultural chemical processes.

Cultured Meat and Other Food Products

Cultured processes are rapidly gaining popularity as a way to produce meats, dairy items and potentially other food products. These processes provide a pathway to avoiding inhumane treatment of animals, which is a strongly supported sentiment among many people globally. For this reason, the cultured food market is likely to increase in importance in the years to come. Many of the PAT needs that ensure safe, effective and consistent production practices for large molecules in the biopharmaceutical arena are also applicable to cultured food production. The ability to monitor multiple Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) such as glucose level for cell growth and production and lactate levels for cell distress are important in cultured food processes as well. Tornado’s High Throughput Raman spectroscopy based analyzers are ideal for this task since they can be used to accurately monitor multiple CQAs with high sensitivity and accuracy, thus enabling maximum control. Tornado’s unique extended capabilities inherent in our Raman devices have even been used for more difficult measurement such as monitoring protein titer and changes in protein structure. Tornado’s Raman tools are demonstrably advantageous for processes such as those used for cultured foods.


Raman spectroscopy is a proven tool for the analysis of various parameters of interest in the beverage industry. Tornado Raman spectroscopy based analyzers have been used to detect and quantify analytes such as alcohol and caffeine. Analysis of amino acids, fat, sugar and other critical attributes are also possible. Tornado Raman can be an indispensable tool in assuring real time quality of beverages during production.

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