Bring your process monitoring into the light

Raman spectroscopy enables real-time automatic chemical measurements and is critical for the specialty chemical industry. A fast, precise, and selective Raman measurement keeping up with the flow to improve quality/yield can produce a detailed analysis of complex mixtures.

Tornado’s HTVS™ technology addresses the issues of speed and sensitivity. Because we allow a higher photon flux with the HTVS™ technology, we can collect data to achieve a required signal-to-noise ratio faster than a conventional spectrometer. This allows faster decisions to be made in process to circumvent excursions, therefore eliminating, or at least minimizing, the disruptions that can occur because of those excursions.

Industrial chemical factory - wide view outside

Sensitivity is the major concern for most users and the high photon flux that we facilitate ultimately allows for better signal-to-noise than a conventional spectrometer in a given measurement time. This allows for lower detection limits and, thus, more precise control.

Applications & Advantages:

Real time monitoring of critical parameters

  • End point determination
  • Detection of side products
  • Reactant consumption
  • Product formation
  • Petrochemicals
  • GC alternative

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Inherently Safe Raman Measurements for Hazardous Zones

Webinar Overview: The OPIS 35™ ATEX Raman Laser Accessory is the newest addition to the Tornado suite of products. Learn how the OPIS 35™ enables high precision measurements while maintaining inherent laser safety for IECEx/ATEX hazardous zones. In the following webinar, we will provide process Raman users with a basic understanding of the regulatory requirements, explain how the OPIS 35™ accessory achieves compliance, and share some examples illustrating the data quality and measurement precision that can be achieved with Tornado’s ATEX-compliant solution.

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