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Solutions-driven Partnerships

Tornado Spectral Systems is proud to partner with reputable companies which is driven by the need to create solutions for the various industries’ needs. The integrated solutions from our partnerships can found here.


Tornado Spectral offers full integration of its Raman spectrometers and probe with Sartorius Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250 analysis modulesThe integration of Tornado Raman spectrometers and probe to Sartorius BioPAT® Spectro platform has unlocked another level of Raman applications in bioprocessing. SIMCA, the multivariate data analysis software features an interactive graphical interface, and flexibility to handle complex data in many forms, making it truly user-friendly. Tornado offers real time predictions for methods developed in SIMCA.  A brochure on this integrated solution can be found here.


The Crystalline from Technobis Crystallization Systems offers the opportunity to monitor the crystallization process. The integration of Tornado’s Raman analyzer via the Tornado Crystalline Probe gives the user, access to real time Raman spectroscopy, in combination with a sophisticated parallel crystallizer with turbidity measurement. The one-pager of the integrated solution can be found here.


S•PACT is a renowned service provider for spectroscopic process analysis. PEAXACT, its spectroscopy software offers quantitative multivariate analysis of Raman spectra among others. Its interactive and automated options allows it to be suitable for your lab and process analytics. Tornado offers real time predictions for methods developed in PEAXACT.


Solo Predictor – the Eigenvector software – is an easy and economical way to use PLS_Toolbox or Solo models and preprocessing online. Solo Predictor is an all-in-one product to take you from collected data to useable information. Solo Predictor offers a wide range of interfacing options to simplify connection to existing clients and data management systems. Interfaces include ActiveX, .NET, TCP/IP sockets (including HTTP), timed action, or a simple wait-for-file mode.


usePAT (ultrasound enhanced Process Analytical Technologies) uses ultrasonic fields for the improvement of in-line process monitoring applications. Radiation forces in the ultrasonic standing-wave field allow us the spatial manipulation of small particles dispersed in liquid media. The extent of the applied force depends on the particle size (1-150 µm) as well as the ratio of speed of sound and mass density of solid matter and liquid, respectively. The accurate control of particles in a process stream can contribute to the process control in different and specific ways without any need of interference or maintenance. By combining High-Throughput Raman spectrometers utilizing the HTVS of Tornado’s with soniccatch for the monitoring of fermentation processes allows for the selective measurement of either the fermentation medium or the microorganisms. The advantages are numerous. The Raman probe itself can be used to quantify multiple components in-line in the fermentation broth, without the need for additional sensors


BlazeMetrics provides multiple best-in-class PATs in a single probe. Their in-process measurements allow for better and faster process understanding as well as a next generation understanding of single & multiple dispersed phase particle systems. The Blaze attaches directly to Tornado Spectrometers, sending the Raman shifted light to the spectrometer for real-time Raman Spectroscopy measurements. To learn more about Blaze Raman and how it integrates with Tornado, click here.

(Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology)

Tornado is proud to be a member of CPACT, the leading network for companies seeking advice and research on all areas of process performance monitoring and control.

The mission of CPACT is to enable the application of intelligent measurement and control technology in the process industries through research, knowledge exchange, and training. CPACT addresses the manufacturing challenges being faced by the chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and materials processing industries through the unique synergy of end-user process manufacturers, analytical vendor companies, and control systems solution providers.

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