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Raman spectroscopy is used at various stages of bioprocessing, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, petrochemical, polymer and mineral applications. It has become the chief component in reducing costs and guaranteeing product quality. Tornado’s patented High-Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS™) enhances Raman signal by increasing photon flux by 10x to 30x as compared to conventional spectrometers. Tornado’s chemical analysis & measurement solutions are designed for process, manufacturing, and laboratory Raman spectroscopy applications. We provide the right high-performance instruments to meet your requirements and with Measurements You Can Trust.

Tornado’s proprietary technology offers unrivaled Raman Analysis Solutions for a wide range of applications and end markets.

Upstream Bioprocessing

Raman spectroscopy has been shown to be able to monitor several important Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) within cell cultures and thus provide an important means of monitoring and/or control for bioprocesses. Raman allows the analysis of multiple CQAs with one measurement, hence reducing the number of sensors required to monitor and maintain process integrity.

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Downstream Bioprocessing

Protein purification is a critical step that allows harvesting of biotherapeutics produced from a cell culture process. Raman provides a means of molecular characterization in the various aspects of downstream processing to maximize yield, optimize processes and identify impurities.

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Oil & Gas

Raman spectroscopy is proving to be an invaluable asset in the oil and gas industry by increasing analytical productivity and reducing costs. Compared to traditional measurement techniques, Raman analysis is non-destructive, high-speed, and requires minimal or no sample preparation. Tornado’s Raman analyzers enable in-line and offline monitoring of fuel properties, composition of natural gas and liquefied natural gas, carbon capture, and more.

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Food & Beverage

Analytical monitors for flow chemistry processes can provide precise, accurate, and timely measurements to ensure that products or excipients are properly quantified and are being produced with maximum efficiency.

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The HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectrometer allows measurement of low levels of chemical components including impurities, residual reactants and other critical species. In addition, real-time process monitoring of chemical reactions and other dynamic processes enables parameter optimization, analysis of kinetics, and identification of optimal reaction endpoints.

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Plastics and Polymers

Polymers and plastics are well suited to Raman analysis. Both chemical and physical properties have been successfully measured with the Tornado Raman device.

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Raman is a valuable tool for process monitoring in the production of CBD. To learn more, request the application note, ‘Crystallization of Cannabidiol with High Throughput Raman Spectroscopy for Initial Process Development’.

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Solar Energy

Photovoltaic manufacturers are under increasing pressure to improve quality and reduce cost.

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Turbocharging Raman Measurements

Case Study

Although Raman spectroscopy is a powerful and flexible analytical tool, Raman signals are usually quite weak – for most molecules, fewer than one Raman scattered photon is generated from one million incident laser photons – so spectrometer efficiency (sensitivity) is of utmost importance.

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