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Tornado, a Bruker Company implements S•PACT’s chemometrics software PEAXACT to enable chemical manufacturers, polymer producers, and other organizations with best-in-class process analytic tools, paired with an unparalleled modeling workflow.

Known for its expertise with advanced chemometric modeling algorithms, S•PACT offers a suite of software packages for PAT users, providing the experienced Raman spectroscopist with standard multivariate methods plus unique Spectral Hard Modeling options to fully extract critical process knowledge from the underlying spectral data. Tornado’s Raman analyzer equips your PAT staff with the world’s most sensitive instrumentation contained in a small, lightweight, cost-effective package which can be readily deployed in both in-line process and laboratory settings. The combination of hard modeling and high-performance Raman instrumentation yields unequaled measurement results for process and laboratory applications.

Tornado’s enhanced photon throughput combined with S•PACT’s spectroscopy-optimized software PEAXACT results in unrivaled process measurement speed, sensitivity, precision, and confidence. To learn more, please contact us at [email protected]