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Tornado Spectral Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of Raman spectrometers for process monitoring, announces the launch of Process Guardian™, its next-generation Raman spectrometer.

Process Guardian™ analytical performance is turbocharged by Tornado’s patented High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS™) technology and designed to deliver in-line results in seconds, allowing research scientists, process developers and production technicians to identify and quantify more compounds with greater confidence. It utilizes the same engineering DNA from Tornado’s proven, high-performance HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectrometer by achieving enhanced photon collection power, higher SNR, and lower limits of detection.

“With the Process Guardian™ Raman spectrometer, we have invested in outstanding performance in terms of measurement and stability – a further step in the quality optimization of our products”, states Ambrish Jaiswal, Chief Executive Officer at Tornado. “Our Process Guardian will push the boundaries further for accuracy and resolution and will make an impact across various applications/industries, from small molecule quantitation to complex intact protein purification analysis,” he continued.

Tornado’s new Process Guardian™ redefines what is possible with process measurements using the power of Raman spectroscopy. Research scientists, process developers and production technicians can become proficient with the analyzer in no time. The high-quality data delivered by the Process Guardian™ can provide process information related to qualitative or quantitative chemical characterization with unsurpassed detection limits and specificity. This technological advantage delivers enhanced process understanding, which in turn leads to improved and optimized process control.

“Our next-generation Raman spectrometer is a smart platform designed for effortless connection to the automated factory,” states Scott Baker, Chief Operating Officer at Tornado.  “The Process Guardian™ enables our users to pursue their Industry 4.0 automation strategy,” he continued.

Tornado will be showcasing its next-generation Raman spectrometers and systems during the SciX Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy from September 27 – 29, in Providence, RI, USA. Customers seeking to enhance their chemical process analytics with an enhanced Raman spectroscopy system are encouraged to visit Tornado at booth #204.

Read the full press release here.