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Mammalian Cell Culture Monitoring And Control

Originating with the development of stable Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines, the technology of mammalian cell culture has garnered considerable interest and support from Process Analytical Technology (PAT) scientists globally, and for good reasons.

To ensure a robust process and production yield of the desired protein, careful monitoring of crucial analytes and process parameters is essential. In the past, these analytes and parameters required frequent sampling and offline analysis using different instruments.

However, an in situ PAT tool like Raman spectroscopy has proven to be advantageous for process monitoring and improvement, and by using high-throughput Raman, users can get immediate and practical insights into their processes. This information empowers them to implement process improvements and prevent deviations before they occur.

Request the application note and discover how Raman is deployed as a process control technique for monitoring important analytes and parameters such as Glucose, Lactate, amino acids (glutamate, glutamine), cell count/density, and cell titer.

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Multivariate Calibration of Metabolites in Cell Culture Media

Real-time analysis of biochemical biomarkers in bioreactors using Raman spectroscopy has been widely described in scientific literature.

In this application note, an experiment was designed to evaluate the ability of Tornado’s Raman spectrometer to simultaneously measure individual components in a complex mixture at concentrations that are equal to or below the limit of quantification of conventional Raman spectrometers.

The experimental design that ensured orthogonality between the variables and covariance between components was close to zero.

Get the application note and learn how the Tornado Raman spectrometer demonstrated its ability to directly and reliably analyze many critical components and the limit of quantification it achieved in complex mixtures.

Ultrasonic Particle Manipulation for Increased Sensitivity and Selectivity in a Cell Reactor

Additional gains in Raman spectrum quality and sensitivity can be achieved via ultrasonic manipulation of particulates in the sample matrix, as described in this experiment. This phenomenon can be used to enhance Raman analysis of solids suspended in a liquid medium.

In this application note, a simple yeast fermentation was conducted to demonstrate the benefits of combining High-Throughput Raman spectroscopy (using Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectrometer) and Soniccatch™

Get the application note and learn more about this combination’s numerous advantages, such as the selective measurement of either the fermentation medium or the microorganisms.

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